Bill Truesdell, freelance writer

News release

I'm often called on to generate a quick news release for clients. Here's a recent one about the redesign of a powered parachute:

Powrachute Launches Redesigned Sky Rascal

For You That Means Greater Stability, Efficiency and Comfort

MIDDLEVILLE, MI. Powrachute has just launched the completely redesigned Sky Rascal, incorporating new features never before available on earlier models of the single-seat powered parachute.

The all-new Sky Rascal uses aviation-grade materials of the highest quality to deliver unprecedented safety, comfort and performance. Wider attachment points mean increased stability and improved turning capability, and overall operation is more user-friendly, thanks to oil injection.

The new prop also has a larger diameter so it's more efficient. Add an adjustable seat for greater comfort and higher ground clearance for enhanced maneuverability and handling, and you have one remarkable aircraft. "Not only does the new Sky Rascal have great flying characteristics," says Jeff Williams, Powrachute owner, "but it can accommodate pilots of all sizes." Powrachute will offer the new Sky Rascal in configurations starting with a base model that is FAR103 legal to the fully loaded ELSA.

Poised for significant growth, Powrachute took major steps in 2005 to increase product quality and improve its award-winning service. "The list of our successes and milestones is long," says Galen Geigley, Sales and Marketing Director of Powrachute, "and 2005 was just the beginning of what's to come."

The innovative leader of the powered parachute market, Powrachute has more than 1,000 aircraft in the field and is represented by an extensive network of dealers who ship powered parachutes worldwide. For more information, contact Galen Geigley at Powrachute, 9425 Spring Creek Ct., Middleville, MI 49333.




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